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    Air Separation Units.

    Air separation units for the production of OXYGEN (360 CUM/hr) NITROGEN (200 CUM/hr)

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    Acetylene Plant.

    Salient Features of Acetylene Gas Plant
    Capacity ranging from 35cum/hour of latest technology. Trouble free working. No bulky gas holder required. Automatic controls for feeding water. Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders. No gas loss and high yield. Very simple and safe to operate. Low power consumption. Low maintenance cost. Maintaining temperatures, pressures, and slurry drain are full proof, efficient and are of international standard.

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    CO2 Plant.

    HPA (High Performance Automatic) 80 kg/hr CO2 Production Plant of latest technology for refined high performance, user friendly controls, flexible layout and ultra efficient operation. The result is lowest possible CO2 production costs, extended plant life and minimum environmental effect.

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    Supply Variations.

    Gases by Tanker

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    Supply Variations.

    Gases in Cylinders


Nitrogen is the major constituent of atmospheric air, making up about 78 % of the air. It is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas and may cause asphyxiation when inhaled in an Oxygen deficient environment. Nitrogen is supplied both as liquid and as compressed gas.
Nitrogen is an inert gas and major applications make use of this property of the gas.

>> Blanketing
>> Health Care Applications
>> Purging
>> Food Freezing/Storage
>> Analytical Applications
>> Sparging
>> Shrink Fitting

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